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I'll Take My Disease Rare Please
I’ll Take My Disease Rare Please
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In 2002, diagnosed with an extremely rare and life threatening disease, fibrosing mediastinitis, at the age of twenty-seven, Rebecca was told the average life expectancy with this disease was ten years. Doctors knew very little—there was no cure, and limited treatment options were available.

Rebecca’s illness began to attack with a vengeance leaving her to fight extreme fatigue, chest pressure, memory loss, head rushes, along with the chronic cough that began to overtake her life. “But you don’t look sick!” was a common phrase Rebecca would hear countless times, which only made the journey that much more difficult. This was not a compliment. She looked healthy. Nobody was listening or taking her seriously about the severity of her symptoms.

Rebecca feels that she has been led by God to not only share her story in hopes of increasing awareness of fibrosing mediastinitis, a disease that affects less than six hundred people in the United States, but also to encourage others to never give up. Rebecca was given  ten years to live with no hope. She has since then outlived that diagnosis by three years. She has been referred to as a walking miracle.

Rebecca invites you to read along as she shares her journey full of perseverance and determination. The detrimental diagnosis led to a new spiritual awakening, and Rebecca was able to push forward with faith, family, and her sense of humor. Rebecca’s determination also led her to one doctor who was able to help her and who told her to go live her life.

With God’s grace, Rebecca has done just that.


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